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The Best Songs from Trvll W Friends

We all know I am a HUGE fan of Nate Traveller. Around this time last year, I wrote a blog writing calling him my newest obsession. Considering he was named one of my top five artists of 2023 and his song “FELT” was in my top five most listened to songs for the entire year, I believe my statement was pretty accurate.

Keeping the [healthy] obsession going, Nate came out with his album Trvll W Friends at the end of January 2024, and there are some songs I’ve had on repeat since its release—songs I want to share with you.

Mountains ft. Vida

I believe this was a single before the album was released and rightfully so.

He-who-I-have-not-met doesn’t know it yet, but I am somehow incorporating this song into our wedding, especially with a hook (chorus?) like this:

Baby I got this feeling
When you say you love me
That you really mean it
So I wanna
Take you to the mountains
Show you something timeless
Something to believe in

This song’s melody is unreal. The lyrics paint such a beautiful picture, and having a female feature adds that little oomph that bring the song to perfection. I especially love when she sings:

You feel like home to me
The way we fit together it’s destiny
And I love your company

Somehow, Nate is such a new artist that this is the only song Spotify had lyrics for. For the rest of the songs, I had to pause and play and do my best.

Driftin Away

This song starts with another catchy hook (ya girl still doesn’t know proper music terminology, no matter how many Reacts by Ash videos I watch).

There are so many lines in the verses that hit pretty close to home, like the first verse starting with “My worst mistakes are things I’ve said / And I took them back but it was too late.”

Then he changes his tempo (?… as I write this, I am cringing every time I use a music term I learned in elementary school but don’t know how to use it correctly) with the second verse, which makes the lyrics have a more punch-y impact. Like, when he raps “Feel like I’m winning my heart and losing my mind at the same time” and “Friends turn to foes and hearts go froze and that’s life.”

Tight Rope

I remember listening to this song for the first time and being brought to tears. The first verse hits you right in the gut:

Lookin in the mirror like what’s it all worth
What if I go mad?
What if I don’t learn?
Maybe I should get help
It won’t work
Maybe it really will help
I’m not sure

I don’t want to leave my mind inside a journal
Cause somehow you gone find it and try to hurt me
What a fucking shame to realize I ain’t perfect

What if I’m really in the way and I’m a burden
What if I’m just getting tired of my person

Once you get past the first verse, the melody and production progress, and it becomes a song to sad bop to.

With where I’m currently at in life, this is by far the most relatable song on the album. It evokes the same feelings and validation as “FELT.”


Despite the lyrical content of this song, it gives me a lot of comfort and feels like a hug after a rough day. I’m not sure many people would think that after hearing it start with

Don’t speak at my funeral
Don’t even show up
You never knew me well

I feel like there are layers to what this song is about.

It seems like it’s about friendships that exist merely out of convenience. For example, you’re at a concert and start talking to the other person who showed up alone. They only exist in your life in that moment as a matter of convenience.

This song also makes me think about all the “friends” we have on social media who may have know us once upon a time, but they were only around for a chapter, not the entire book. The ones who were around for the book are welcomed at the funeral. During a spoken part of the song, Nate expresses his disgust for social media, which solidifies my thoughts.

These are just four of the amazing songs on Nate’s album. Last year, I had “3rd Wheel” on repeat, and it’s another song being played at my wedding, where there will be roses everywhere to match the lyrics.

I talked about “Somewhere Safe” in my last Nate Traveller writing, and it is still such a beautiful song; it’s made its way on the Trvll W Friends album.

Every time I stream this masterpiece of an album, I think about seeing Nate Traveller live. My bank account is more than prepared to purchase concert tickets to see him. I guess I could settle with [eventually] purchasing merch for now.