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April 2024 Wellness Update

I don’t know what was going on last month, but life was LIFE-ING. March feels like it was a fever dream consisting of one’s worst nightmares.

March Recap:

Going into March, I had some sort of routine established, and I started getting into running. My mental health was definitely not the best, but I did make the decision to try to get a prescription for antidepressants. I also started (and ended) March with needing a hug.

Now for April:

Physically, I am more than a little disappointed in myself. I overate a lot, to the point where I was consistently making myself nauseous. Half the month was spent consuming an inhuman amount of processed sugar and processed foods. Yes, I have a rule of only eating out once a week, but when other people are paying for it, who am I to decline? At the beginning of the month, I would wake up and see other people at the gym during the early morning hours I would go to the gym, which immediately made me want to stop going. On March 16th, I lost my house keys, which also had the key fob to get into my gym, so for two weeks, I couldn’t go to the gym even if I wanted to. Right now, I’m looking at investing in the adjustable kettlebells and dumbbells you can get on Amazon; I need my bank account to agree with me.

Mentally, depression is at its finest, and I definitely think being super stressed out is aiding in it. The thoughts of not existing as a form of escapism are trying to enter my brain, and I am doing everything I can to stop them.

Emotionally, if I’m not spending everyday crying, I am creating pools in my eyes that refuse to become waterfalls. I’m happy to have gotten back in touch with my emotions again, but I literally think it’s stress tears.

I let myself go last month, and with hope for a better future insight, I hope I regain myself in April… at least with my physical health. I am definitely not thriving with the acne popping up everywhere.

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