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The Maybe Man Tour: Wow!

We all know I love AJR. I literally flew out to California to make sure I saw them perform on the day I was born. After experiencing their OKO tour, I told myself I would never miss another tour, and with the help of Klarna, I was able to see the show for The Maybe Man Tour.

Here are the snippets I caught on my iPhone:

I am going to do my absolute best to recall everything, but that is also an impossible feat because it was a very mind-blowing experience. This is about to be a bundle of thoughts and notes and just getting it all out.

The concert I went to was at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. Though I lived in Raleigh for a year, I had never been to PNC prior to this concert. I had to pay forty dollars for parking, and yes, I am still mad about it. Needless to say, I am definitely not going back to a concert at PNC.

There were about ten thousand people at the show, and it wasn’t sold out. There were lots of little kids, which I thought was interesting because it was a Tuesday night.

When I bought the ticket, I knew I was getting a good seat. I ended up being surrounded by college students and soon-to-be college students. On both sides of me, there were pairs of female friends, and when I sat down, they asked if I was there by myself. I responded, “Yeah,” and they were like “Awwww” as if I was a puppy. That was about the extent of any conversation that was had as I chowed down on barbecue nachos.

Going in, I had no clue what the setlist was. Like the album, the show started with “Maybe Man” and had a bunch of Jacks running around; the show ended with “2085.”

To have a connection with the audience, the boys stopped to point out different things they saw in the pit. I was hoping they would talk about the guy in a banana suit, but they did not. However, they did talk about this:

They played songs from literally every album (except Living Room… as far as I can remember). We got all three “Turning Out” songs sang in a row by Ryan, who I find the most attractive.

The boys made a point to go out into the audience, and they performed “World’s Smallest Violin” and “Steve’s Going to London.”

They introduced their new violinist (I think her name is Jenny), who absolutely killed her solo during “The DJ Is Crying For Help.”

Other songs that were sang: “Way Less Sad” (which they broke down the production of), “Bang!”, “Weak”, “Don’t Throw Out My Legos”, “Inertia”, “God Is Really Real”, “I Won’t”, “Good Part”, “Sober Up”, “Karma”, and “Yes I’m A Mess,” which they had to restart because there was a tech issue.

There also seemed to be a tech issue during their performance of “100 Bad Days” where a light fell on stage. They stopped the show, and everyone started freaking out. Turns out, it was fake, as you can see in the above video.

As anticipated, there was a tribute to their dad. Jack ended the show with a lesson their dad taught them, which in short was “Always be the biggest version of yourself.”

I successfully walked out without buying merch, which feels like a personal victory. I can’t wait to see how they outdo themselves with the next one.

Remember: Always be the biggest version of yourself.

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