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Hypothesis: Another Addictive Ali Hazelwood Read

*This is a book review of The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood.

Quick Facts

Author: Ali Hazelwood
Release Date: September 14, 2021
Genre: Contemporary romance
Main Characters: Olive & Adam
Number of Pages: 393
SJ Rating: 85%

The Synopsis

For the benefit of her friend’s happiness, Olive grabs the nearest man she’s passing in the hallway and awkwardly kisses him for her friend Anh to see. When her friend is out of sight, Olive realizes she kissed biology antagonist Dr. Adam Carlsen. Olive finds herself in a pickle, and the only way out is to fake date Adam, who agrees for his own benefits. It seems easy for them to keep their arrangement until things get a little chaotic at a science conference.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this book.

The Good

Though this book isn’t my favorite (long may Love Theoretically reign), it proves yet again how addictive Ali Hazelwood’s writing is. I could not put this book down.

I like the hypothesis at the beginning of each chapter. They summarize what we’re getting into with the chapter without giving too much away.

I really love the relationship between Adam and Olive. He possesses qualities I would look for in a lover who’s also my friend, ya know? The way they communicate and tease each other is enjoyable.

Adam casually quoted The Office on page 337, and it was so perfectly timed. It wasn’t your classic “That’s what she said.”

The Bad

The second I realized this was written in third person, my brain screamed “NOOOO.” Ali Hazelwood books are so much better when written in first person.

Though they share differences, the male leads in The Love Hypothesis and Love on the Brain are pretty much the same person, especially in the way they’re described.

The Overall

I’m happy I took a long pause between reading Love on the Brain and this book because I don’t remember much of Love on the Brain, to be honest. Since I can’t remember much of that book, reading this book wasn’t too shabby.

Honestly, there’s nothing super memorable about this book besides the beautiful progression of Olive & Adam’s relationship.

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