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A Cute Korean Romance

*This is a book review of The Dating Dare by Jayci Lee.

Quick Facts

Author: Jayci Lee
Release Date: August 3, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Main Characters: Tara Park & Seth Kim
Number of Pages: 307
SJ Rating: 87%

The Synopsis

While playing a beer-induced game of Truth or Dare, Tara Park agrees to Seth Kim’s dare of going on four dates with him and neither falls in love. But as they get to know each other and Seth’s move to Paris looms in the near future, will their deal uphold? Or will their attraction intensify and get the best of them?

The Good

We immediately get into the plot and get to experience the smoothness that is Seth Kim, and I love every second of it (despite the book being written in third person, which we all know by now is something I don’t like).

I like the mention of Christians judging Tara’s parents for opening the brewery even though Christians are not supposed to judge others. It’s something I’ve talked about on the podcast before, and I’m happy I’m not the only one who sees it.

The communication between Seth and Tara is unmatched in terms of them getting to know each other. Tara knows her worth, and it definitely shows.

I love how sure and determined Seth is for him and Tara to be together. Even when that predictable moment comes of them breaking up, Seth, while dealing with a broken heart, is working out a plan to show Tara they’re meant to be together.

The Bad

The dialogue alone is enough to make me want to keep this book. However, there are some grammar and spelling errors that I just couldn’t look past, and I know will bother me in the future, like it saying on page 189 “Tara’s head titled back…”

Considering all the tension building, the scene where they finally make love was a bit of a let down. I was hoping for a little more—nothing uncomfortably raunchy but more.

With all the Disney talk and the MCU moment, it seemed like one of their dates was going to be Disneyland. It would’ve made all of the Disney talk make sense.

I find it very… interesting that Tara, 28, and her twin 30-year-old brothers still live with their parents.

The Overall

This book was a nice, easy read with a few moments that had me kicking my feet. However, it’s not memorable enough for me to want to read it again.

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“Everyone had their little flaws to make them perfectly imperfect, thus, beautiful.”

– Seth? The narrator?

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