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May 2024 Wellness Update

Most of April was spent recovering from spending a week throwing up stomach acid and feeling too nauseous to stand.

April Recap:

Spending most of April dealing with health issues meant not stepping near a gym. I also didn’t do any sort of running, and my hope of getting back to doing physical activity was simply squashed. Somehow, I became numb to all the bad happening and started accepting every single horrible thing that was happening. However, acceptance did not stop the stress, which was still making everything with my mental health worse.

Now for May:

Physically, I was down and out for the count for most of April. Once I could start eating again, I literally only wanted French fries. I spent most of April not going to the grocery store; in fact, now that I think about it, I only went to the grocery store once last month, and I didn’t buy anything to benefit my health. Any sort of working out, even exercises to do at home, were not done at all. I feel like absolute crap typing this, and I know it needs to change immediately. It’s time to start from scratch and simply do better.

Mentally, financial stress made mental health situations even worse, and I am currently going through a semi-bad depressive episode. All I want to do is sleep and eat McDonald’s French fries. It’s supposed to take several weeks for antidepressants to work, and since I started taking them mid-April, it’s going to be a little bit more time before I see more change than I’ve already experienced.

Emotionally, I have focused all of my emotional energy on being excited for other people and the greatness happening in their lives. A lot of people in my life are experiencing different milestones, and I have been celebrating them, even though it’s from a distance.

With things winding down at work, I am feeling rejuvenated about life again, despite not knowing if I will have a job at the end of the month. I am hoping this rejuvenation will help me get back to doing the things that bring a smile to my face, like going to the gym.

This morning, I found out I have a vitamin D deficiency, and now that I know that and will start making changes, I am hoping May is full of positive change.

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