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Knox, You’ve Ruined All Other Men for Me

*This is a book review of Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score.

Quick Facts

Author: Lucy Score
Release Date: January 12, 2022
Genre: Contemporary romance, thriller
Main Characters: Naomi & Knox
Number of Pages: 552
SJ Rating: 90%

The Synopsis

After having an epiphany in a church basement and receiving a message from her no-good twin sister, Naomi Witt leaves all she’s known and heads straight for the town of Knockemout, VA. She wasn’t immediately received with warmth and kindness, especially by the beautifully tattooed hunk Knox Morgan. In less than a few hours of being in town, Naomi’s life is turned upside down, and Knox Morgan may be the person to help it all come together.

The Good

The pacing and detail of this book is literally perfect. The thickness of the physical book is incredibly intimidating, but it’s actually super easy to fly through.

There are several moments that made me chuckle or brought a smile to my face, like when Stef (Naomi’s best friend from the city) met Knox and Waylay (Naomi’s niece) and Naomi stood off to the side to provide commentary.

This book is full of so many cute family moments; I almost got a little jealous. The way the whole town showed up to support the Witts (Naomi’s family) when trouble struck had my heart screaming. I also like that the whole town got pissed off at Knox when he broke up with Naomi.

I also kind of like that everyone has a nickname. It’s not as confusing as I thought it would be, especially as more and more and more characters get introduced.

Knox is definitely [and obviously] a man written by a woman because he is literally my dream man. He had me at “tattoos.” The love increased with the comment about single moms being unsung heroes. The fact that Knox provides monthly care packages for his female employees to help with their periods is top tier.

Furthermore, Knox pulling out his phone for someone to speed by to keep his brother away from Naomi is the level of petty I am working to achieve.

Speaking of characters I love, I feel like the real unsung hero is Joel, the silver fox bartender who helps the three female leads of the Knockemout series. There’s a moment towards the end that definitely confirms this.

Randomly, I loved the Kennedy Ryan shout out. I still need to read one of her books.

The Bad

I strongly, strongly, strongly dislike the names of the chapters. This book would be so much closer to perfection if they weren’t there.

I love the way the title was explained and tied in, even if it had to do with our decently poor excuse of a third act break up. The reasoning for the third act break up was so stupid, but I know it’s pretty much a requirement in all romance books.

The Overall

The booktube, booktok, and bookstagram girlies have extreme opinions on this book; they either really don’t like it or really love it. For some people, it’s their least favorite out of the Knockemout series or tied with the third book for being their favorite.

Considering I haven’t finished the series yet, I cannot speak on this yet.

What I can speak on is how much of an addictive read this book was. It took all of my willpower and to do list reminders to put the book down. This is by far my favorite small town romance read.

Next book to be read and reviewed: Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score

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