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The Perfect Butt

*This is a book review of Things We Hide from the Light by Lucy Score.

Quick Facts

Author: Lucy Score
Release Date: February 21, 2023
Genre: Contemporary romance, fiction
Main Characters: Angelina & Nash
Number of Pages: 574
SJ Rating: 80%

The Synopsis

After losing his will to live to two gunshots, Nash Morgan, police chief of Knockemout, finds hope and light in the fiery Angelina Solavita. Their relationship reaches every point on the spectrum between love and hate until they give into their desires.

Out of the three books in the Knockemout series, I heard this one was the worst.

The Good

I appreciate the good cop vs. bad cop conversation obviously sprinkled throughout this book, like in chapter twenty-seven. Considering this book came out after all that went down in 2020, it makes sense for it to show up in Nash’s story.

“Four, seven, eight” is another thing sprinkled throughout this book, and it is one of my favorite breathing techniques my therapist taught me.

On page 143, I like the mention of the title of the first book in the series. It is a phenomenal way to use it in a different context.

I love that Joel the bartender is back to bestow more wisdom. Another side character I enjoyed was Melvin; he was nice comedic relief.

When it comes to Angelina, I enjoyed her character progression into accepting friendship and accepting physical affection. I also like that “Angel” is both short for Angelina and showcases the way Nash feels about her since he thinks she’s bringing him back to life.

With all of the books, something I’ve noticed is each one has a flower associated with it, and I think that’s so beautiful.

The Bad

Like the last book, I’m not a fan of the chapter titles and will probably repeat the same sentiment when I read the third book (whenever that may be).

I don’t really like how needy and dependent Nash is when it comes to Lina. Furthermore, I definitely could’ve lived without chapter five.

The fact that Knox and Nash are named after cities in Tennessee is definitely a choice… yikes.

There are moments where I couldn’t help but cringe, like when Nash started referring to Lina as “bad girl.”

Also, the consistent conversation of how nice Nash’s butt is does get annoying after a while. Like, we get it.

As much as I love the bonus epilogues, I hate that they give away the next person’s story. At least, the happy ending. Like, I haven’t read Things We Left Behind yet, but I already have a rough idea of the happy ending.

Speaking of epilogues, Angelina and Nash named their baby boy Memphis… what in the Kanye West?

The Overall

I don’t actually know what the trope of this book is, but it’s not my favorite. I don’t see myself reading this one again like I would Things We Never Got Over.

Next book to be read and reviewed: Finding Me by Viola Davis

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