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Definitely Not a Funny Story

*This is a book review of Funny Story by Emily Henry.

“Life isn’t a competition, and neither is love, but I’m still the loser.”

– Daphne

Quick Facts

Author: Emily Henry
Release Date: April 23, 2024
Genre: Contemporary romance
Main Characters: Daphne & Miles
Number of Pages: 384
SJ Rating: 95%

The Synopsis

Daphne Vincent transformed her entire life to fit into that of Peter Collins. Everything was predictable, easy, maybe even perfect? It all goes to the crapper when Peter calls off their engagement the night of his bachelor party because he realized he is in love with his childhood best friend, Petra Comer. Likewise, Petra leaves behind her boyfriend Miles Nowak, and when Daphne gets kicked out of Peter’s house with nowhere to go, she turns to the only person who knows exactly what she’s going through.

The Good

From the jump, this is one of her best, most accurate covers, down to Daphne’s side part and the lavender in the lemonade.

Emily Henry is one of the best authors at writing men that you can’t help but fall in love with. There will be heavy swooning when it comes to reading her men, and that’s the warning. Miles being emotionally available but also in control of his emotions is so beautifully written.

Once again, Emily Henry wrote a female lead I could painfully relate to, such as Daphne molding herself around people’s lives in hopes they don’t leave. When Daphne said, “Why can’t I stop missing the dad I never had?” I SCREAMED. It hit soooo freaking close to home.

On the note of relatability, Julia and Miles’ treatment from their mother was so scarily relatable; I had to put the book down. Honestly, both of my parental issues/triggers/trauma were present in this book. There were definitely tears because yikes.

Also, this is some of the best banter and conversation I’ve read between Emily Henry characters since Book Lovers.

Emily Henry does such a good job at writing steamy scenes without making you cringe. This book is no exception. The couch scene… the truck… the kitchen… Y’all, I was on fire.

I think what makes her writing of steamy scenes so great is that she doesn’t talk about the size or the girth of the penis or the wetness and tightness of a woman. It’s detailed without being raunchy but maintains the sexiness, intimacy, and tension.

Another relationship I love is Daphne and Ashleigh, a side character. The progression of Daphne and Ashleigh’s friendship is beautiful. It’s a nice reminder that you can make friends at any age. The regression of Daphne’s friendship with Sadie is a reminder that you can also lose friends at any age, and it hurts when it happens.

With Emily Henry books, it’s the smallest things that make me so happy. On page one hundred, she wrote “hot chai.” A lot of authors make the error of writing “hot chai tea.”

I found Ashleigh’s “You’re Divorced, Not Dead” playlist:

The Bad

Page nineteen says “mother you to death,” and I feel like it should say “smother you to death.” I know that’s being annoyingly picky, but my standards are almost touching heaven when it comes to Emily Henry.

The way Peter moves on SO FREAKING fast… I– wild. The quick breakup. The quick engagement. The quick crawl back to Daphne. Like BRO.

The Overall

This is definitely in my top three Emily Henry reads, without hesitation. If you haven’t picked up Funny Story yet, you need to immediately.

Next book to be read and reviewed: Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

“You can’t force a person to show up, but you can learn a lesson when they don’t.”

– Daphne

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