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The Downfall of the United States

There have been quite a few people to tell me they don’t like when I get political on my platforms. Well, what’s the point of having all these platforms where I’m free to express myself if I’m not expressing my thoughts on something I’m so passionately pressed about.

I must talk about it when the United States is on the fast track to totalitarianism. After a ruling (I think that’s the right word… I’m currently being fueled by peach flavored wine) passed by the Supreme Court that essentially puts the president above the law, we’re basically on our way to a dictatorship.

One nation? Liberty and justice for all? Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? If we continue on this route, all of the aforementioned disappears. We’re already not one nation.

Plus, they’ve already overturned Roe v. Wade and have spoken out about, essentially, backtracking on interracial marriage and gay rights.

Of course, no one wants to vote for the person who refuses a ceasefire & aids in genocide, argues like a child and needs to be in bed by 8 pm. However, unfortunately, we as a nation are back to picking the lesser of two evils.

My greatest fear is that when it comes to vote, people will be so focused on picking neither evil that they choose the independent party. Though I literally dream of someone from the independent party taking over as president, there is not enough funds or power in the party for them to win this election. As horrible as it sounds, a vote for the independent party will eventually be a vote for the greatest of two evils because, unfortunately, there is still a cult there.

I genuinely can’t wait until younger generations start getting into the Senate, the House, and the Oval Office. Yes, there are some already present—shout out to those wonderful history makers, but the old farts plastered all over the media and acting like idiots at important debates need to be replaced.

Besides experiencing one of the scariest elections I’ve witnessed (if you haven’t already, please research Project 2025), there are other, more consistent issues contributing to the downfall of a nation that was supposedly once great. Let’s not forget the consistent massacres because of unregulated gun control.

The United States continues to have the highest rate of gun related deaths year after year, yet nothing is being done. It was quite literally the only, if not one of the few areas where the U.S. is number one, and it’s definitely not something worth bragging about. How many more innocent lives need to be lost or threatened before something is done? There’s already a high infant mortality rate that no one talks about. There are still Black people being lynched and indigenous people’s lives consistently being threatened; again, no one is talking about it. Honestly, now that I think about it, I feel like the government loves death, which screams pure evil.

To distract from all the evil? Media. Yes, I too indulge, but it’s important to not be brainwashed by the content and conspiracy theories you’re consuming. Simultaneously, we can’t live in fear.

We’re also skirting on a very, very fine line called “recession,” and considering I already work for the education system, it kind of has me shaking in my boots. I might have to sacrifice my cholesterol for the sake of pasta because it’s simply all I can afford to eat; sadly, I’m starting to get tired of my plain alfredo pasta.

Greed, like many other things, is destroying our economy. I need the goodness of humanity to take over, and as much crap as gen z and gen alpha endure, I believe the goodness of humanity lies within us. If you think about, some of the Civil Rights heroes we learned about are still alive, meaning the ideals of that time—both good and bad—are still floating around.

When it comes to discussing the downfall of the United States, I’ve barely scratched the surface. I am very aware that every country has its problems, but something has to be better than this… right?

I would end this by saying Happy Independence Day, but considering my ancestors were brought here against their will and my other ancestors were colonized & killed by Europeans, to say the very least, July 4th is not my independence day.

This is just another day.

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