Meet Jamilah

Hello! If you haven’t been greeted enough, welcome to my happy place!

My name is Jamilah, the woman this website is named after. I’m an African American woman in her 20s, trying to figure out life while being a happy single Pringle. I was born and raised in Tennessee and definitely do not match the Tennessee stereotype.

I am obtaining a degree in interior architecture but have a passion for digital design. My free time is spent working on all kinds of passion projects (this blog, my Etsy shop, my podcast). Reading, writing, sleeping, Netflixing, and playing on my Switch Lite also fills up my time.

Simply Jamilah was created so I can have a place to express myself and feel accepted through writing about different subjects I’m passionate about. After seeing everyone try to be like everyone else, I’ve made it my life goal to encourage people to be authentic and embrace themselves without being afraid to show the world.

Thank you for visiting my world. I love you (which isn’t weird because the world needs love, and I have it to give).

Be you. Be true.


Me, Over the Year