This photo is a complete candid, just like me.IMG_9218

According to Google, another definition for candid is “truthful and straightforward; frank” (it’s an adjective). That’s exactly who I am, and that’s exactly who I plan to be on here; in fact, sometimes I have no filter.

If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is Jamilah. My name has an Arabic origin and means “beautiful; lovely” (according to http://www.thinkbabynames.com). I know I’m beautiful, and I would like to think I’m lovely. I am a native Tennessean, trying to make some sort of impact in the world. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe who I am. I’m a weird person who does/says weird things (and sometimes in weird ways), but that’s okay; weird is normal.

John Lennon once said, “It’s weird not to be weird.”

Stay weird.