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Retail vs. Fast Food

Since my senior year of high school, I’ve worked different odd jobs to keep a little money in my constantly fluctuating bank account. From a crew member for a concessions stand at a baseball park to packaging online orders at a clothing retailer, I have a bit of experience.

Whether you’re a teen trying to get a little bit of spending money, a retired elderly person who doesn’t want to sit at home, or a middle-aged adult who has no other option, I have accumulated a few questions to ask yourself when deciding if you want to work retail or fast food.

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How I Plan Each Week

Sunday afternoon is my time for self-care. I do an in-depth skincare routine, watch a movie with myself (normally a rom-com), and spend an hour planning the week ahead.

I wanted to share my four-step system for effectively planning out each day of the week.

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My Dream Condo

I’ve never been one to envision myself living in a house. If the day were to arise where I bought a house with my future husband, I wouldn’t be against it. For now, I dream of living in a condo where every room is an explosion of color and elegantly eclectic.

I thought this would be a good way to utilize some of what I learned in my major (which isn’t much, too be blatantly honest). We do a lot of creating floor plans in Revit, but unless I am building the condo complex, I can’t really determine the floor plan of my future condo.

Therefore, this post is more focused on inspiration for the interiors of every room.

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The Story of My First Tattoo

I recently published my November recap where I revealed that I got my first tattoo, which many people didn’t see coming. As of right now, only about eight percent of the people in my life know I have a tattoo. I think people think I’m either too scared or too Christian (whatever that means) to get a tattoo, but here we are.

Today, I wanted to share my experience getting my tattoo as well as the meaning behind it.

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