NF Songs for Every Occasion

September 22, 2019

If I had to pick a favorite rapper, it would definitely be NF, no doubt about it. One reason I repeatedly listen to his music and absolutely love him is because his music is relatable. There is at least one NF song that everyone can relate to. Here's a list of NF songs and their meanings (according to me).…


High School Jamilah’s Playlist

September 3, 2019

I finally made the decision to sell my old iPod touch. I don't mind getting rid of an inanimate object I'm not attached to, but that old iPod did have all the music I listened to my senior year of high school. Before saying goodbye, I wrote down every song I had on repeat that final year of high school.…


2018 Songs Of The Summer

July 29, 2018

Pretty soon the youngins will be headed back to school, which means it's back to school season and almost time for me to head back to college. Before that time is officially here and must be accepted, I wanted to share my favorite songs from Summer 2018.…