Going Places

Traveling is such a beautiful, fulfilling blessing. Any time I’m able to get out of the house, I’m opening myself to learn something new from the world. Whether it be a trip to Cincinnati or Target or Grand Turk, there is always something to explore and learn. Sometimes I discover new things that I fall in love with, and sometimes I dig deeper within myself to find a new aspect of who I am. Does any of that make sense? I hope so.

Anyway, this page is dedicated to all my travels, whether they be super local or super international.

Sacrificing My Happiness
One day when I was sitting next to a canal in Indiana, I had a beautiful moment of reflection and decided to share it (because I share everything on here).

Black Church Week 2019
At the end of July, I went to Black Church Week in Ridgecrest, North Carolina for the third year in a row. Here is a recap of how that trip went.

Adventures in Mural Hunting
One thing I wanted to accomplish with my friend this summer was mural hunting in the city, and we totally did it. Here are the candid pictures from those two glorious (and hot) summer days.

We’re Going on a Trip…
I spent the last week of June completely unconnected from the world because I was taking a vacation and went on a cruise for the first time. This is documentation of that trip.

My First Time at High Point
On April 8th, I had to go to the High Point Furniture Market for a class field trip, and this is how it all went down. Spoiler alert: it was amazing.

A Time of Tranquility
I went to Myrtle Beach on March 11th for my college spring break, and during that time, I received a lot of clarity on things I was dealing with.

My Best Friend Drove 4 Hours to Visit Me
For the latter half of her spring break, my best friend drove four hours to visit me at my university. It meant the world to me, so I documented it.

A Trip to the ATL
Upon my return to Nashville for winter break, my friend and I decided to take a quick trip to Atlanta.

Less Than 48 Hours in the Queen City
I ended one of the best summers ever with the best road trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, which was the start of continuously amazing road trips.

Some Day These Will be the Good Old Days
This summer was the greatest summer of my existence (so far). So many memories were made, and I decided to briefly document what made this summer so memorable and tremendous. It was one for the books… well, at least my book.

Wakanda Forever
This blog post is a potluck of… stuff. It’s primarily about my spring break but also includes some of my favorite things and random bits of information, and I may or may not expose myself (not my body). I hope you have a snack or something because this is a long one.

We’ll Wish We Could Come Back to These Days
This month has not treated me too bad. In fact, there are some amazing moments and memories from the first half of this month I wanted to share and will probably never forget.

The Time of My Life
This weekend, I had the time of my life. Click to read a brief summary of all that happened and something essential I learned.

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