Hidden Gem

As a young woman, there are many female celebrities and public figures I look up to for various reasons, from Tracee Ellis Ross, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama to Lana Condor, Claudia Sulewski, and Yara Shahidi (honestly, I could probably write a whole book about all the women who serve as public figures, influencers, musicians, actresses, etc. that I look up to).

However, there are several other women and young girls I admire whose names aren’t well known. This page if for me to honor them; they are hidden gems that need to be recognized for simply being their empowering, amazing, inspiring selves.

Urban Dictionary defined a gem as “something amazingly beautiful, nearly perfect, or ridiculously incredible.” The hidden gems I look up to match that definition precisely. At the beginning of each month, I will update this page with a new hidden gem that I think the world needs to know about. I ask each gem ten questions during an interview, so she can be recognized for who she is. Without further ado, here is this month’s not-so-hidden gem.

Kristen B. is one of my favorite humans in the entire world. She has the most vivacious and lively personality in this city. I genuinely mean it when I say she is a light in this excruciatingly dark world; happiness and positive vibes follow her everywhere she goes. I can’t forget to mention, she is absolutely hilarious. Her birthday is in November, so I thought it would be the perfect time to make her Simply Jamilah’s Hidden Gem.

To start this interview off, I asked Kristen a couple of random questions.

SJ: What is the best new show or movie you’ve watched recently?
KB: THAT’S A TOUGH ONE; I’ll say the new Joker movie.

What is the hair color you regret the most and why? (Kristen has had a lot of hair changes in her lifetime; her most recent hair change is what stemmed me to jokingly call her “mom,” which I still jokingly call her to this day.)
DEFINITELY THE BLACK HAIR WITH BANGS; I looked like an off-brand Cleopatra.

Before we get any further into the interview, I thought it would be important to know a little bit about Kristen.

SJ: What is your major and/or minor, and why did you choose it?
KB: My major is psychology, and my minor is anthropology, and I chose them because I wanted to help people but not have to deal with bodily fluids like blood because I’ll pass out.

How do you feel about graduating in May?
BIG nervous that I’ll trip, but I’m also excited.

What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship?
For sure the support system it brings. Like, when I’m stressed, I can still laugh and be happy because we’re like a team.

One thing Kristen and I are avidly passionate about is food, so I had to bring food up at some point in the interview.

SJ: What’s your favorite thing to eat in your eating shirt? (Yes, she has a designated eating shirt)
KB: Definitely tacos.

What do you want right now?
Definitely an extra large pizza from any pizza place; I’m not picky.

As mentioned earlier, Kristen brings positive vibes everywhere she goes. When I’m not having an amazing day, her positive energy lifts me up.

SJ: How are you so happy and energetic all the time, even when you’re having a bad day?
KB: I always just try and put my problems into perspective, and then they don’t seem so big at all.

What is the best thing about being a woman?
The different ways of thinking and ideas that we bring to the table that’s unique compared to others.

I never told Kristen why I wanted to ask her ten questions.

SJ: Why do you think I wanted to interview you?
KB: I’m gonna guess it’s for some kind of class assignment you have.

Kristen is far from correct; the reason behind interviewing her has nothing to do with school, obviously. Anyone and everyone outside of this little town needs to know that this beautiful light exists. I’m really happy Kristen is in my life, and as much as it pains me to think about her graduating in a few months, I know she’s going to do some big things. Her infectious positivity is going to change this world.


March 2019: Rebecca E.
April 2019: Reeve
June 2019: Maria G.
July 2019: Jada R.
August 2019: Avaya
October 2019: Miranda B.

Do you know a woman or young girl empowering others and providing light to the world? If so, I would love to hear about her. It’s time for women to uplift women, and I would love to read about a woman uplifting you. If you think she’s someone worth being featured on this page, let me know. I would love to interview her.

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