Something I miss about not being in college and adulting and figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life is having casual free time to read. When it comes to reading, whether it be an e-book or a physical book, I now have to schedule time to sit down and read; most of the time, I go over. I find reading, as well as writing, to be such fun activities, and here is where I get to talk about both. There are book reviews of books that I have happily conquered recently; also, there are short stories I have written with my own imagination. Lastly, there are different posts related to blogging. Anything that has to do with reading and writing is found here.


The Thing About Maggy
This is a short story about a horrible friendship with a girl named Maggy.

I was a freshman in high school when I met Maggy. I remember her being a lanky girl with skin so pale she could give Snow White a run for her money. Her body was adorned in dark brown freckles, which brought out the bright emerald green her almond eyes held. At the time, she had teal hair with blonde highlights. In my eyes, she was the epitome of a super cool, introverted girl– the kind of girl people would ignore, but she would go into the world and kick butt.

My Person
This story is told by a man named Davy who finally meets the woman he deems his person.

I’m twenty-five with a full life to live. I spent the last year and a half traveling the world; I went anywhere and everywhere you could possibly imagine, except Antarctica of course. I was ready to share adventures from my travels with my family upon my return, but the only thing they cared about is if I brought back a girl with me. When I told them “no,” they nagged me about settling down. Again, I’m twenty-five with a full life to live. 

Iced Black Coffee
This story is told by a man recounting the day he finally talked to his wife after admiring her from afar.

It was Wednesday, October 31, 2013, when I saw her. She was beyond beautiful, angelic in every sense of the word. When she walked in, it’s like everyone couldn’t help but turn her way, and I was the poor soul who had to walk behind her. She had beautiful skin that resembled the richest, smoothest milk chocolate bar out there; that’s the best way I can describe it. Her hair was long and voluminous and curly and the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen a woman have. I hope that makes sense; you would think I was good at describing people, being a writer and all.


Holmesy, I Love You
After spending a month dwelling on the amazingness that is this book, I finally did a book review of Turtles All the Way Down by John Green.

A Picture Book For Fashion Bloggers
To start my 2019 reading list, I read World of Style by Aimee Song, the perfect book for fashion bloggers. Here’s what I thought about it.


How to Blog like a Boss
The Art of Blogging originally posted this article, and I just had to share it. As soon as I read “Break free from social conditioning,” I knew this was advice that any blogger could benefit from and felt the need to share it.

Blogs You NEED to Follow
As we end the first month of the new year, I wanted to share my absolute favorite blogs that you totally need to follow. To make it better, they were all created by women.