Monthly Favorites

*I didn’t discover much in October, but the three things I did discover are absolutely amazing and are carrying me into November.


Blood Harmony by FINNEAS

*I listened to FINNEAS’ EP to start my October, and I survived October because of this EP. Every song is incredibly beautiful, especially “Shelter.” FINNEAS made a fan out of me this month; I need new music from him as soon as possible.



*I had to watch this movie for class, and I am so happy it was a requirement. It’s a documentary that covers a wrestling team in Alabama, and the film has so many profounding moments. If you can find it somewhere on the Internet, I recommend watching it. Almost, if not over, 650 hours of editing went into this film, and the two women who directed it did a phenomenal job.


Beauty Marks by Ciara

*I’m not sure when Ciara released this album, but I personally think it’s her best one yet. It feels so personal, like she let us into a private and intimate part of her life. Still, there were some high energy songs that I could get down to. It’s been a long time since I’ve loved every single song an album, and I can safely say I loved every single song on this album. Ciara created a masterpiece, and she deserves all the recognition this album will give her.


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