My Diary

Welcome to my online diary, a place where you really get a glimpse into what happens in my life behind the computer screen!

I feel like the wrinkled shirt and messed up (almost leaning?) afro is an indication of what a mess I am behind a computer screen.

Moving on…

Part of this page is dedicated to something called My Very Public Diary, where I update one page/blog post every time something happens and publish it at the end of the month; that’s the best I can explain it. It mainly consists of moments where I embarrass myself or display how much of an awkward potato I am, but it also consists of just a bunch of random thoughts and interesting moments.

Another part of this page is dedicated to my rants. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by one emotion or my brain gets stuck on one topic/event, and I just have to write about it. Writing helps me deal with whatever consumes my brain; it’s my therapy.

Again I say, welcome to my online diary!

My Very Public Diary

September 2019


I have gone down the wrong path of disappointing myself, which doesn’t make for a good life. I needed to write about it and get this burden off my shoulder. It’s time for me to bounce back.

I witnessed three very amazing gentlemen be verbally bullied, and it completely angered me; I had to do a quick rant about it.

Today was a very bad day, and I needed to write about it so I can put it behind me. It definitely helped.

This summer, I was fortunate enough to get a job back at the store I worked at last summer. However, I’ve only been there a little over a week and have dealt with more problems in this past week than the entire time I worked last summer. I needed to rant about it.

This week was faculty and staff appreciation week on my university’s campus, and during this week, I found out something that I needed to rant about.

For this rant, I decided to let loose about some things related to college. It’s been a bit of a frustrating time lately.

I spontaneously decided to start a new thing where I rant about whatever has taken over mind for longer than necessary. This is that. Welcome to Simply Jamilah’s Simple Rants (will probably come up with a better title).

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