Welcome to Simply Jamilah, a place where a young Black girl tries to figure out this thing called adulting while learning to embrace who she’s meant to be. Through varying kinds of writing and content creation, I (Jamilah) am learning to express who I am, and I want to encourage everyone to do the same; I am here to welcome you with open arms in a world that constantly tries to tear you down. Simply Jamilah is my world, a melting pot of all sorts of content that’s either super personal, super helpful, or super random. Thank you for coming to my humble abode, a place where judging is not allowed, good vibes are always encouraged, and honesty is most important. As I venture through life, I am learning how to not hold anything back, how to be the realest me I can be, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

-With love, Jamilah

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The Simply Jamilah Podcast

Are you also a confused twenty-something person of color, struggling to adult, especially since you have dreams and aspirations but can’t seem to leave the retail business? Are you also a semi-professional oversharer who constantly messes up your words and overthinks what you say right after you say it, which causes you to lose your next train of thought? Do you like talking about whatever is on your mind and pretend people care about what you have to say?

If yes, this podcast is perfect for you!

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Every Sunday, I share my fave style inspo I came across on a social media platform or IRL.

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