One of my favorite things to do is talk and pretend someone is listening (if you think too hard about it, it becomes sad). Every Saturday morning, I get to release audio of me talking about whatever I want, and I’ve called it The Simply Jamilah Podcast– a place full of girl talk, real talk, and unsolicited advice.


welcome to season two. i rebranded.

I’m back baby (and you know I’m truly back because you hear how muddled my brain is within the first three minutes, which shows how much of a mess I still am) !!! Although honestly, this is low key an over-explained self promo episode, but there’s still some good stuff. I properly introduce myself, something I probably didn’t do in season one. More importantly, I talk about everything happening with the Black Lives Matter Movement and my initial response during the end of season one. To lighten things up a bit, I share some stories regarding me staying home for my final year of college. It’s all good stuff, and there’s a new intro/outro song by David Sanya. ♡

Our hero, Chadwick Boseman

My overactive mind won’t let me forget that my late night mind kept saying he was in Selma (even though I eventually corrected it to Marshall).

After briefly talking about Jacob Black being handcuffed to his hospital bed, the rest of the episode is all about Chadwick Boseman (hence the aforementioned Selma guilt). From a moment of silence to reading Instagram captions that attest to his beautiful spirit, I tried my hardest to honor Chadwick Boseman. Needless to say, the episode ended in several unexpected tears. 

episode 7 of Say I Do

Say I Do is a show on Netflix where three beautiful experts give deserving couples the wedding of their dreams; the first season takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, a city I fell in love with despite it also being a place of trauma for me. When I originally watched episode 7 of the show, I cried my eyes out, and it had nothing to do with the wedding. This episode of the podcast is about Essie, the bride from episode seven, and how much I relate to her. There’s a lot of self-realization I wasn’t prepared for and tears I’m surprised I shed.

i’ll admit it: i’m shallow

This episode is not a complaint session nor me trying to sound desperate to get a man. I just wanted to talk about boys– sue me. I’m done lying to myself about physical appearances not mattering when it comes to choosing a life partner. In this episode, I list reasons I keep dismissing the idea of joining a dating app, and I read and add to my list of future husband expectations, which includes some small talk about dating outside of my race. (Take a shot every time I say “like”)  

the Notorious R.B.G

Things get slightly political in today’s episode, and that kind of scares me. Before talking about the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I wanted to take some time to discuss the U.S. reaching 200,000 COVID deaths and discuss the American justice system failing black people again with the death of Breonna Taylor– exactly 65 years after Emmett Till’s killers were acquitted. I’m appalled. While not knowing much about being a lawyer and all it entails, I tried my best to honor Mrs. Ginsburg and explain why she is a history-making legend. #cancerisamonster ♡

a break from life

I’m back with an unusual amount of energy and another late night recording of me rambling. After raving about Space Art Room (an Etsy shop) for quite a few minutes, I spent the episode going into great detail recapping a much needed trip I took last week. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I wanted to visit and help out the people in the village who have helped me become the adult child I am. As I recapped the trip, I shared little life nuggets and lessons learned. Somehow in the midst of recording, I began having a random allergic reaction. Enjoy thighs incredibly scatterbrained episode.  ♡

my current life vibe told with music

Anchor has created a new, fun way to do a better version of YouTube’s playlist videos without being copyrighted, and I had an incredible amount of fun exploring the new feature. This episode is me sharing my current vibe and hints at my life via music, music from Spotify. There’s some Thirdstory, a little bit of Zara Larsson, and of course queen Meg. Welcome to some of the music that mentally plays on repeat. ♡

they aren’t who you think they are

Before getting into the real meat of this episode, which is about everyone putting up a front, I briefly discuss my new promotion and a troublesome coworker. Some truths are told and withheld thoughts are finally spoken. Parts of this episode are low key rants/venting sessions. 

◉ Simply Jamilah episode referenced: Be Like Mr. Walls  ♡ 

opinions on thrifted vs. fast fashion

This was recorded right after I watched a live Q&A with Jonathan Van Ness, and the game changed; this episode became about a bit more than fashion. Along with introducing my love for style, I give commentary on male homosexuality and Walter Wallace Jr. without (hopefully) being offensive. However, for the entree of the episode, I give my thoughts, tips, and anecdotes on thrifting and fast fashion.  ♡

The Skinny Confidential & authenticity

Most of America released a breath of relief this past week, and though the results were what half of the divided country hoped for, I start this episode expressing how I feel more unsafe and uncomfortable because inner evilness has been exposed and rebirthed. However, the majority of this episode is about my inspiration/role model, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and The Skinny Confidential, and how authenticity is the key to success. (While editing this, I was trying to figure out new software so advanced apologies for any choppiness). ♡ The Insta: @simplyjamilahofficial

songs that make me…

What do Big Sean, Bea Miller, and James Bay have in common? They all create music that evokes different emotions, thoughts, and memories. In this episode of “Jamilah pretends to be a radio DJ,” I share different songs that make me feel varying emotions and remember different moments, from songs of sorrow to a song of appreciation. Check me out on Spotify: itsmilahh ♡

nothings mean something

WARNING: I recorded this on a day when my interior architecture program broke me (yet again), and I have a venting session about it since it relates to taking time off to recover and do better. This episode is all about the importance of taking time off working and hustling to develop, grow, recover. Yes, the term “hustle culture” makes an appearance. Also, this episode may seem sponsored by Dash & Lily, but I swear it’s not; I just really love the show. ♡