TikTok Round Up: July 2021

July flew by, and there was hardly any time to be on all social media platforms. Still, here are all of my favorite TikToks I discovered during the month of July.

The Post-Grad Funk

This is for everyone who graduated from college without a career lined up, without the intentions of getting your master’s degree.

I know how you feel, and I want to encourage you as well as myself.

Are My Multiple Streams of Income Enough?

Though I love financial independence and work three jobs, I still worry and get nervous about the income being enough to fit the bills.

So I constantly ask myself, are my multiple streams of income enough?

Notes on New York

During my second trip to New York, I took mental notes on the good and bad (but mostly good aspects) of the city I fall in love with every time I visit.

Thank you, New York. I hope to see you again soon.