This is America… in a Book

This is a book review of the beautiful Dear Martin, written by Nic Stone. It is incredibly relevant and brilliant in every way possible.

Results: 30 Days of Just Dance

After stalling and low key procrastinating for quite some time, I am finally posting my fitness challenge from August.

For the entire month of August, I played Just Dance as a form of exercising. This is my journey and the results.

Best Cheesy Netflix Romance Movies

With everything going on in the world, I have spent a lot of my time watching movies during the mayhem. Minus horror/thriller and anything of the sort, I like to check out different genres of films. My favorite genres, however, are sci-fi action films (like Marvel Cinematic Universe movies) and romance.

I decided to share my top nine romance movies from Netflix.

The SJ Rating

This is a brief breakdown of the categorical system I use to rate products, music, works of art (the SJ Rating is most commonly seen on my literary reviews).

Where WordPress is Lacking

After much internal debate, I made a decision to make up for the lack of WordPress space to upload videos.

Read more.