Hello my beautiful gem! My name is Jamilah (juh-mee-luh; “beautiful” in Arabic). I am the writer/creator of this blog. I am currently in college with a major in interior architecture and a minor in radio/TV/film. I absolutely love writing, fashion, hiking, food (and beverages, especially decaf coffee), TV, music, dogs, honestly this list could go on and on. I try to encourage people to be themselves and spread positive vibes without being unauthentic. I am currently the parent of a dying cacti named Pax and am one of those rare Gen Z-ers who doesn’t stick to Netflix and Hulu to watch “TV.” Yep, you can catch me running to my room at 8 pm to watch The Neighborhood. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my world and getting to know me! If you have any questions, I’m usually near some piece of technology to answer.


Throughout each month, I document any embarrassing and/or awkward situation I encounter. I also write about stuff I need to get off my chest/out of my head, whether it be a temporary intense emotion I feel or something I love and want to write about before I forget that I love it. These are my very public diary entries.

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Sometimes I get super stuck in my head, and I will stay there for dayyyss. To get out of my head and move on, I started writing Simply Jamilah’s Simple Rants, which is pretty much me sitting down and having a looong venting session. It’s honestly very therapeutic.

I witnessed three very amazing gentlemen be verbally bullied, and it completely angered me; I had to do a quick rant about it.

Today was a very bad day, and I needed to write about it so I can put it behind me. It definitely helped.

This summer, I was fortunate enough to get a job back at the store I worked at last summer. However, I’ve only been there a little over a week and have dealt with more problems in this past week than the entire time I worked last summer. I needed to rant about it.

This week was faculty and staff appreciation week on my university’s campus, and during this week, I found out something that I needed to rant about.

For this rant, I decided to let loose about some things related to college. It’s been a bit of a frustrating time lately.

I spontaneously decided to start a new thing where I rant about whatever has taken over mind for longer than necessary. This is that. Welcome to Simply Jamilah’s Simple Rants (will probably come up with a better title).


I am a huge hopeless romantic and lover of love; writing about love fills up my little single Pringle heart.

Porter Williams
I’ve been pretending to be engaged for a week, and I have tricked a few customers into thinking I am actually engaged. Read all about it.

Be Single
As a single Pringle who is constantly around and observing people in romantic relationships, I have found a few benefits that come with living the single life, and I wanted to share my discoveries.

I Purposely Put Myself in the Friend Zone
With Valentine’s Day a week away, as a single, I wanted to talk about being in the friend zone.

A Letter to My Future Husband
This one’s for you hubs.

I Want to Fall in Love
I know I can’t be the only girl who mentally conjures up the person she wants to fall in love with. Here are my potluck thoughts.

Why I’ve Always Been Single
This is a list I came up with in the middle of the night of 20 potential reasons as to why I’ve always been single.


A New Decade, A New Era
Today is my birthday, and I am officially turning twenty. I know I am just now turning twenty, but this post is focused on everything I want to accomplish before I turn thirty. It’s a new decade for me, which means it’s time for a new and better era in my life.

How Do You Define Yourself?
This is such a thought-provoking question, and here’s my answer: I have no freaking idea.

The Title “Influencer”
We live in a day and age where being an “influencer” is a career; what exactly is an “influencer,” and why does that title exist?

2019 Summer Mood Board
Where I am in the world, that summer feeling is vastly approaching. Considering I’m already out of school, I thought it was about time to create my mood board for this summer.

A Time of Tranquility
I went to Myrtle Beach on March 11th for my college spring break, and during that time, I received a lot of clarity on things I was dealing with.

My Zodiac Sign Investment
Today, I wanted to kind of discuss my interest in zodiac signs and the three signs that make up someone who was born on June 17th.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -Steve Jobs

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