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Hello my beautiful gem! My name is Jamilah (juh-mee-luh; “beautiful” in Arabic). I am the writer/creator of this blog. I am currently in college with a major in interior architecture and a minor in radio/TV/film. I absolutely love writing, fashion, hiking, food (and beverages, especially decaf coffee), TV, music, dogs, honestly this list could go on and on. I try to encourage people to be themselves and spread positive vibes without being unauthentic. I am currently the parent of a dying cacti named Pax and am one of those rare Gen Z-ers who doesn’t stick to Netflix and Hulu to watch “TV.” Yep, you can catch me running to my room at 8 pm to watch The Neighborhood. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my world and getting to know me! If you have any questions, I’m usually near some piece of technology to answer.


Throughout each month, I document any embarrassing and/or awkward situation I encounter. I also write about stuff I need to get off my chest/out of my head, whether it be a temporary intense emotion I feel or something I love and want to write about before I forget that I love it. These are my very public diary entries.

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Sometimes I get super stuck in my head, and I will stay there for dayyyss. To get out of my head and move on, I started writing Simply Jamilah’s Simple Rants, which is pretty much me sitting down and having a looong venting session. It’s honestly very therapeutic.

This week was faculty and staff appreciation week on my university’s campus, and during this week, I found out something that I needed to rant about.

For this rant, I decided to let loose about some things related to college. It’s been a bit of a frustrating time lately.

I spontaneously decided to start a new thing where I rant about whatever has taken over mind for longer than necessary. This is that. Welcome to Simply Jamilah’s Simple Rants (will probably come up with a better title).


I am a huge hopeless romantic and lover of love; writing about love fills up my little single Pringle heart.

Be Single
As a single Pringle who is constantly around and observing people in romantic relationships, I have found a few benefits that come with living the single life, and I wanted to share my discoveries.

I Purposely Put Myself in the Friend Zone
With Valentine’s Day a week away, as a single, I wanted to talk about being in the friend zone.

A Letter to My Future Husband
This one’s for you hubs.

I Want to Fall in Love
I know I can’t be the only girl who mentally conjures up the person she wants to fall in love with. Here are my potluck thoughts.

Why I’ve Always Been Single
This is a list I came up with in the middle of the night of 20 potential reasons as to why I’ve always been single.


2019 Summer Mood Board
Where I am in the world, that summer feeling is vastly approaching. Considering I’m already out of school, I thought it was about time to create my mood board for this summer.

A Time of Tranquility
I went to Myrtle Beach on March 11th for my college spring break, and during that time, I received a lot of clarity on things I was dealing with.

My Zodiac Sign Investment
Today, I wanted to kind of discuss my interest in zodiac signs and the three signs that make up someone who was born on June 17th.

Talking About Sensitive Topics at Work
I am a student worker on my college campus, and I have a bit of an issue with a coworker. I needed to vent about it.

Visualizing What I Want in My Life
Currently, I am incredibly lost, but I can vividly see what I want in my life when I’m not lost. This is another look into my jumbled thoughts.

Being Alone in a Room Full of People
Sometimes a certain subject overwhelms my thoughts, and I have to clear my head. This go around, the subject is being alone in a room full of people.


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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -Steve Jobs