Home Sweet Dorm

September 15, 2019

Most people assume that because I'm a junior, I don't live on campus. Well, they are wrong. I still live on campus. In fact, this year I decided to down grade from the apartment-style dorm I lived in the past two years. This is my dorm tour.…


Chicken & Waffles

September 9, 2019

Over the summer, a coworker and I created an imaginary musical duo called Jammy and Mr. Cool. We titled our first single "Chicken & Waffles." He started writing it on a receipt, and I was tasked with finishing it. Well, here it is. *This is strictly fictional. *I don't even like chicken.…


High School Jamilah’s Playlist

September 3, 2019

I finally made the decision to sell my old iPod touch. I don't mind getting rid of an inanimate object I'm not attached to, but that old iPod did have all the music I listened to my senior year of high school. Before saying goodbye, I wrote down every song I had on repeat that final year of high school.…