Top Nineteen Albums of 2019

As we enter a new year (and a new decade), I wanted to recount all of the albums I listened to this past year because, believe it or not, I kept record of every album I listened to (59 total).

Before you get overwhelmed, I’m not going to review every single album I listened to because that would be a lot. Instead, I decided to rank my top nineteen albums of twenty nineteen.

Top Songs of 2019

For many digital platforms, it’s rewind time. I want to wait a little longer before I do all the rewinds I plan on doing, but I wanted to go ahead and share my top songs of 2019 according to Spotify.

If you’re into lists, or just checking out new music, here are my top songs of 2019, in the order of most to least listened to.

Midweek JoBros Adventure

Earlier this month, my friend and I went to the sold out Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a quick, overnight trip, and I loved every second of it. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the actual concert, I wanted to go over the trip because it was just as amazing […]

August 9th

This is the first ever video I am uploading on Simply Jamilah, post-YouTube. It’s a vlog of a random day in my life… with a bit of a story time in there.