Unity? Security? Prosperity?

This is an honest book review of Internment by Samira Ahmed. Internment does a beautiful job of providing a new perspective in the conversation of inequality. However, it took me MONTHS to power through it, and there’s a reason why.

Read more for the full review.

This is America… in a Book

This is a book review of the beautiful Dear Martin, written by Nic Stone. It is incredibly relevant and brilliant in every way possible.

The SJ Rating

This is a brief breakdown of the categorical system I use to rate products, music, works of art (the SJ Rating is most commonly seen on my literary reviews).

She Definitely Ready

This is a book review of The Last Black Unicorn, an autobiography by Tiffany Haddish, an inspiring woman who’s coined the saying “She Ready.”

To not spoil the story that is her life nor misspeak about any of the events in her life, the review is a little on the shorter side.

Jessie is Jessie is Jessie

This is a book review of Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum, one of my favorite books I’ve read while being quarantined. It is a beautiful novel I wish I had read sooner.