Once upon a time, I used to make videos for a little platform called YouTube. Then… things got a little complicated with YouTube and trying to balance my channel and this blog. One night, I decided to combine the two, so this page is dedicated to all of the original videos I have published on Simply Jamilah.

August 9th

This is the first ever video I am uploading on Simply Jamilah, post-YouTube. It’s a vlog of a random day in my life… with a bit of a story time in there.

Recap of My First Week of School

August 26th was the first day of my third year of college.

One week later, I have a vlog that documents my entire week. I experienced every emotion during the week, and of course, there was a little lip syncing.

Home Sweet Dorm

Most people assume that because I’m a junior, I don’t live on campus.

Well, they are wrong.

I still live on campus. In fact, this year I decided to down grade from the apartment-style dorm I lived in the past two years.

This is my dorm tour.

Midweek JoBros Adventure

Earlier this month, I took a quick overnight trip with a friend to Nashville, Tennessee to see the Jonas Brothers in concert, and the entire trip was perfect.

A September to Remember

I decided to do a new thing where I (try to) recap each month by documenting the highs and lows. Let’s see if I can keep this up.

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