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I have had a semi-secret love for graphic design since I opened Adobe Illustrator quite some time ago. Since then, I have been exposed to different software and mechanisms for sharing the visuals that float around in my brain. I have been wanting to find a way to share my visuals with you, and after many months of procrastination (to be honest), I have finally figured it out: monthly digital wallpapers.

This is my first batch, so the options are very limited (there’s only three). I’ve also only been able to size them down to iPhones, and since I do not have a Samsung or any sort of Android, I’m not sure how they fit. Over time, I definitely plan to have more options and be more inclusive in my digital sizing.

Here is my FREE collection of May 2024 digital wallpapers:

Mother's Day

A RuPaul inspired Mother’s Day wallpaper

The Collage

I don’t know why, but I saw neutrals with splashes of orange and green when thinking of a colorway for May.

It's Gonna Be...

I wanted to do something that plays with font. That’s it.