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Style of a Young Legend: Marsai Martin

Yesterday, the internet celebrated the birthday of one of the best Leos to be born (no shade to the other Leos)… Marsai Martin!! The young icon turned seventeen yesterday, and though I don’t know her personally, it was so beautiful to see so many people celebrate her and recognize the legacy she’s already created.

It literally blows my mind. Sis is not even an adult, and she’s already made history and done so much for Black people, especially Black women.

Honestly, I could rave about her and the beautiful history maker she is all day, all week.

There is no shame in looking up to someone who is younger than you.

I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite looks of hers on this Style Sunday (I’m gonna hope that sentence grammatically made sense).

Marsai’s style is definitely in my lane. If there was anyone I wanted to do a style dupe of or shop her closet, it would be Marsai Martin. I mean, just look at these:

Huge happy birthday to Marsai Martin! Thank you for inspiring a generation with your style, intelligence, grace, intuitiveness, the list could truly go on forever. You’re representing, and you’re representing well.

Since it is Sunday, I have to also say happy birthday to Marsai’s TV dad, Anthony Anderson. (Personally, I think’s dope their birthdays are back-to-back).

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