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The Hurting. The Loving. The Breaking. The Healing.

*This is a book review of Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

Quick Facts

Author: Rupi Kaur
Release date: November 4, 2014
Genre: Poetry
Number of Pages: 208
SJ Rating: 95%

The Review

This is my first time attempting to review poetry, so bare with me.
The back of the book/synopsis of the book is a poem, and it gives you a glimpse into the beautiful poetry the reader will experience:

“this is the journey of
surviving through poetry
this is the blood sweat tears
of twenty-one years
this is my heart
in your hands
this is
the hurting
the loving
the breaking
the healing
– rupi kaur”

Also, super random side note, Rupi Kaur is absolutely gorgeous. What she holds within radiates on the outside. Not to sound even weirder, but I highly recommend googling her.

Anyway, all I have to say is this book is filled with amazing poetry. The entire book took me on an emotional journey I was not prepared for but am happy I went on. It took me no time to read through it, but that didn’t take away its meaningfulness. The poems cover different topics, including rape, abuse, self acceptance, heartbreak, sex, love, the list goes on. You literally go through the hurting, loving, breaking and healing.

I related to most of the poems, and I want to share some of my favorite short poems (because there are some long ones, such as the one above) Rupi wrote because they are just… *chef’s kiss*

“it is your blood
in my veins
tell me how i’m supposed to forget”

The above poem was the first poem to make me cry. There were several, but this was the first. It cut really deep and will forever be a favorite of mine.

i’ve had sex she said
but i don’t know
what making love
feels like”

“the idea that we are
so capable of love
but still choose
to be toxic”

My first thought after reading the above poem: @ society

“more than anything
i want to save you
from myself”

“our backs
tell stories
no books have
the spine to
– women of color”

“accept yourself
as you were designed”

To reiterate so no one comes at me about plagiarism and copyright, I was quoting some of my favorite poems by Rupi Kaur from the book. There is at least one poem for everyone, and if you’re into poetry or want to start reading poetry, I would recommend Rupi Kaur’s works.

I borrowed this book from a friend, and now it’s in my Amazon cart because I want a copy of my own. It’s definitely worth the purchase.

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