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Review of My Third Year of College

A couple of hours ago (2 pm, central American time zone), I completed my second semester of my third year of college. Yes, there are still final presentations and exams and the possibility that I failed most of my classes, but I can let out a breath of relief because I’M FINISHED!

My third year of college (I can’t simply say “junior year” because I’ve been a senior for an entire semester) was kind of crazy. From being completely screwed over by an advisor to working at Wendy’s for a little over a month to going on a couple of trips with friends to immediately evacuating because a Pandemic is taking over the world, this semester was a little crazy. It brought great memories, important life lessons, lots of self-growth, and my favorite teacher I’ve had since coming to college (shout out to my Layout & Production teacher).

Per Simply Jamilah tradition, it’s time to review some aspects of my third year of college with music. I did this my first year and second year and will definitely do it my final year (after I happily speed walk out of graduation). For now, here are some moments of my third year of college in song:

when I stepped on a dead squirrel and screamed into the darkness early in the morning…

*Ozzy’s part especially. I was traumatized for a good two weeks.

when public safety/campus police banged on my door in the middle of the night and scared every bone in my body…

*I didn’t answer the door; we’ll never know what they wanted.

when I decided to quit giving campus tours…

*Mainly the part where she repeats “I’m Out.” Some people were surprised when I said I was quitting.

when I almost started crying in a public restaurant because a man was wearing a Trump 2020 hat, and it made me think about all the racist comments people have said to me…

*Racism needs to cease to exist. As humans, we should all be accepting of each other. Unless you’re an alien or something, we all bleed the same blood. Why does someone’s culture and skin color have to be the reason for division? Why can’t there just be respect and acceptance?

when it was Valentine’s Day week and a few guys asked for my number (even when I wore my faux engagement ring)…

*They were all way older than me, and a couple of them didn’t even bother to ask my name.

when I had a difficult conversation with a friend, and it went as bad as I expected…

*Sometimes, difficult conversations need to be had.

when people openly expressed their dislike for me…

*You can’t please everybody, even when you’re just being yourself.

when I accidentally put my friend’s information on blast…

*We’re still friends, but my guilty conscious won’t let it go. (Random: does anyone else mix up the words “conscious” and “conscience?” Is it just me?)

when I had to evacuate campus because of COVID-19…

*They say the world will never be the same because of COVID-19. Hopefully that means we will see more kindness and thoughtfulness.

Now that the third year is over, I can only prepare for the craziness that will be my senior year.

Until then, I will enjoy my summer, which is pretty much the COVID-19 Quarantine without the online school. The original plan was to get an internship and work at my retail job. The new plan is to work at my retail job as much as possible and read and create more blog content and get better at graphic design by taking Skillshare courses.

Let the fun, school-less times begin!

Be you. Be true. Make smart decisions.

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